Why Stereoscopic Conversion

Theres no more extravagant production costs. No bulky stereoscopic rigs that can rob you of valuable space on the film set. No more tilt or parallax errors. And most importantly there’s absolutely no more restrictions on how to make your dream film the way you want.

Your film. Your way.

Stereoscopic conversion at Babylon Picture Works pulls all the stops in creating the world you envisioned on screen. In addition to all the complexities shooting a video in 3D brings, such as the issues related to the depth or phase of the images formed on multiple cameras, there’s a marked difference in the cost of production as well. While shooting a film in 3D costs millions of dollars, our 2D to 3D conversion takes roughly one tenth of the same amount. Not to mention all the time and effort it can save.

Giving wings to your imagination

An ambitious venture realized through an unremitted passion for excellence, we at Babylon Picture Works endeavours in bringing state-of-the-art innovations into the art of film making. Our expertise is not limited to a single field in postproduction as we indulge in 2D to 3D or stereoscopic conversion among many other video rendering techniques. We include a team of experts; engineers and technicians who absolutely love what they do. And it is as a result of their vision and proficiency, we are capable of delivering results that surpass international standards within tight time schedules and at significantly lesser costs. Our presence that also lies in Europe and several other parts of the world aids us in our efforts to help you touch the stars.

Let’s Make Magic

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